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August 16, 2018

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August 10, 2019

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The truth about what we value

June 23, 2018

We’ve always been inspired by people who dare to stand out from the crowd, those who dare to walk left when everyone is walking to the right. An act of boldness is what it takes. “XLNC GOTHENBURG by” is a project where we team up with creative people to let them speak through us to forefront their craft and show value in what they do.


We teamed up with Max, Obed and Nyat. They are three independent youths with a creative driving force, and they share very unlike forms to express themselves.


Pushing culture is something we truly adore, it might be conceived very provoking and odd at certain moments but in the long term, these movements are for good intentions.

“Creators” of all kind are very diversified, but there are certain personality traits they usually share amongst each other. The natural strive to innovate, destroy and recreate, ideas popping up when least expected are always spinning.
We from XLNC GOTHENBURG have the intention to supply and highlight unique creators, we exist to put this in motion and inspire.

People with a passion for work and a strive to always develop is a reflection of us, it touches the very core of our brand value and everything we proudly stand for. We embrace diversity.


- Use what you have to create what you want.













XLNC GOTHENBURG by Nyat Kibreab:




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