Tram Life

Updated: Feb 21

Gothenburg, the city where a lot of ideas are born and shaped, but not always the city where dreams are executed and flourished.

Way Out West though, it has earned the legacy to be one of Sweden's finest and most hyped music festival AND it's actually located in the heart of Gothenburg.

This event attracts people from all over the world and it gave us the idea to spark some light on the Gothenburg culture itself... So we occupied a tram, equipped it with a DJ table and speakers, brought the homies and the finest artists from the city, producer LIOHN & the Bennett brothers. We blasted the streets on the 8th of August, which also is the first day of Way Out West to show everyone what we're up to.

XLNC GOTHENBURG is driven by the passion for creating stuff and we're everyday inspired by the beautiful souls out there getting sh*t done!


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