Art exist everywhere we look: OSCAR BERG

Being entitled as an artist and having the pressure to deliver so called “art” is probably the most detractive part of an artist according to Oscar Berg.

Oscar is a Gothenburg based skateborder and animator/ illustrator. His unique style of expression is very influenced by his childhood when he was feeding off of movies and the entire culture circulating around film creation.

“Look around us, every material thing we see is based from an idea, an idea created to a reality. Art exist everywhere we look, like furniture, but most objects are DESIGNED to blend in to our daily lives. That’s the type of art I’m most fascinated by but that’s not what I do at the moment.”

We all know someone who tendence to find new hobbies, obsess over it and after a short notice is moving on to the next thing. This is the type of “function” Oscar is carrying but within the frames of art and skateboarding. Some would call it a waste of time and a lack of focus, but it really isn’t. This is his strength and his urge to explore new tasks is what sharpen the art he creates. The explorer instinct is what pushes him to the next level and embodies his diversity within art and skateboarding.

Oscar Berg’s latest solo project is a short film called “To Everyone Who Has Ever Created Anything” and is paying homage to all his childhood idols for showing him what's possible.



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