No one expected this!!

The "'Til Death" release party

No one expected this!! An overly crowded club, screaming people, busy staff, full ashtrays, long lines to the bar which resulted in long lines to the toilets…

- Yeah, this is literally how our release party for our collection “‘Til Death” ended up, but with a little touch of charisma.

Everything started with the idea of bringing people together, give them an entertaining summer evening with great people and at the same time get a chance to see our garments from our brand new collection “‘Til Death”.

XLNC GOTHENBURG is an open minded brand for the people. This release party was an introduction for you all, events like this create opportunities for artists to showcase their craft and it also unites like minded people.

This is a statement for you to remember: we are doing many more events like this, by the dreamers for the dreamers.

We want to thank everyone for showing up and many thanks to all the great live acts. Special thanks to venue Oceanen for giving us such a great place to execute everything.

- Much love for the support. Thanks to all of you.



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