Beyond eyesight: an exclusive interview with "Crowgang"

In the city of Gothenburg you can find thousands of people involved in music, but one of the most outstanding music makers are the crows themselves, the guys from “Crowgang”!

Crowgang is an underground rap crew of four people; Chuk, grantWill, MXL and Wado. A majority of the time they spend together is in the studio spitballing, producing beats and writing lyrics to execute the passion they jointly share.

- “Underground is what we are right now. People know who we are, but the next step is to build Crowgang to the public eye.”

What sparked the idea of Crowgang and where did you take your inspirations from?

Wado - Each one of us have always had a major interest in music in one way or another, we all had musical backgrounds before we linked up. But we never made something out of it, so Crowgang became a source of output for us.

Chuk- What really connected us was the common interest in creating music, we just felt that we had to link up so we introduced one another because we all were mutual friends.

grantWill - As we hung out more and more we realized we were on to something, so we came up with the idea of starting a collective, and the most suitable name was Crowgang, which stands for CReating Our Will… (birds are kinda cool as well haha!)

MXL - Me and grantWill spoke about our visions of Crowgang for some time before we started. We came to the conclusion that we wanted to develop this into a collective, a collective of creative minds pushing their passions further. We wanted to cooperate with painters, dancers, music producers, photographers, videographers and fashion designers.

We want to create things with people that we fuck with.

"The name Crowgang is really a reflection of us as a group and for each unique individual, since we all come from different backgrounds, share different experiences and expertise. We perfectly balance each other for our strengths and weaknesses"

What would you call your defined niche, and what are you trying to express with your music?

grantWill - There’s a whole lot of different musical and cultural influences. Basically everything we create is connected to the hip hop genre, but we’ve been on a level for a while now where the majority of the music we produce is influenced by trap. Still it’s pretty hard to link us to one specific genre because within the trap category there’s plenty of diverse subcategories. We’re not considering this an issue, rather free space for us to experiment with all our ideas to one day be pioneers of our own section. It’s all about trial and error!

MXL - As we mentioned earlier, we have different skills and we all share our own history and experiences which really forge a unique combination. Each one of us share an equal vision and that is creating dope music, but we’re still four brains so we have our own personal twist of this common vision which really embodies our uniqueness.

Wado - There is a specific term called “CC” (Creative Control), which means you have full control over what happens in a song because it’s your project. For instance there was a stage where I had gone through some rough times so I wrote a lot of bars and had a lot of melodies in my head, so I sat down, made them and then sent to grantWill. He always went “terminator mode” and just enhanced the beats further. Since some songs are really meaningful to me, I have full control of the integrity of these songs.

Chuk- Yeah, I agree with Wado. We all have songs in our roster that are more meaningful for us individually than to someone else in the group. In our collection of songs there are a bunch that are really meaningful for us and then there are also songs that don’t necessarily have any meaning but are more made for going hard and turning up.

How has the feedback been so far?

We haven’t really pushed the marketing at all, but everyone who hear our music certainly like it. We like our stuff and we get good feedback so things seem pretty good so far!

Wado - I remember a house party a while back and someone turned on “Gear”, which is a song of ours, and people started to jump and shit, things got crazy! So I really feel like we are on the right track, just got to keep on digging our path.

- Major shoutouts to Joakim Mårtensson for repeatedly listening to our music! Much love<3

If you guys never blow up, would you still keep on producing music purely for the love?

Chuk - What?! Of course! That’s exactly what we’ve been doing since day one! This has always been serious for me, but I can still mess around with it. It wasn’t that long ago we decided to take this idea to the next level.

The minimum goal is to make a living off of this. Making music, living life and not depending on a basic 9-5 job. It doesn't have to be the flashiest lifestyle, simply getting paid doing what we love.

Wado - If we'd never blow up I think I’d spend less time trying to improve one specific sound, and instead do more divergent sounds like a soul EP, a punk rock album just to experiment with my interests and get the chance to scream a little!

Right now we’re focusing on Crowgang and it feels great to have a goal we jointly share and to have something clear to laser focus my energy on. The sickest thing would be if we all lived in a quiet suburban neighbourhood with our own houses(so we can get away from each other every now and then) and we all live on the same block and share a studio!

- I have always made music purely for the passion, and if the case is doing it without getting paid, it’s totally fine by me.

Tell us about your ultimate pre show rider!

(If you don’t know, a pre show rider is the list of demands an artist has for the dressing room)

Wado - Actually, all I really need is Halle Berry. The only thing I expect is her saying “I’ve been waiting for you boo”, and then she just walks off. Oh, and I want some Amsdeal to support us with the beverage man!(aka Imsdal, a Norwegian water company). My stage entrance would be a guy pushing me in a wheelchair up on stage.

Chuk- I need some burgles man, with some new unreleased flavors!

grantWill - Since you asked for the ultimate pre show rider, I would need a roller coaster to drop me off on stage. Not a fast one, but one of those slow cruising.

MXL - I like beer, but not before a live show, I’d probably throw up on stage. So some water, burgles and eighty bitches. The only things I demand!

Tell us about your previous live performances!

MXL - I worked at a nightclub in Austria and I got to know the DJ, so I taught myself how to DJ and stuff. So one day the host randomly asked me how my skills were and of course I replied with “they’re good”, so I was invited to Munich to host the DJ boot for a night. I asked if I could bring the boys from Crowgang, and they gladly invited us to control the hip hop room for a couple of hours. That was amazing.

Chuk - Yeah That was so much fun! We had these VIP-necklaces so the guards just let us pass everywhere without saying a word. Glowed up!

My friend Chris (aka Sirc from “Next ‘til Sound”) performed at a live concert, so he invited us to participate on stage. That show was sick as well! S/O to Chris.

grantWill - In Gothenburg there’s a club event called “Time” and we had a performance there once.

Imagine yourself having all the resources to promote Crowgang, what would you do?

MXL - I want our music to interconnect and be appreciated by people in various aspects. I'm really in to filming videos and editing, so making an entire album and fulfill it by making music videos to each and every track to showcase our visions from other perspectives would be great.

Chuk- I would invest in a huge building committed to different types of artists to push our vision with the Crowgang collective further. I want this building to be seperated into different sections, so each part is dedicated to one type of artwork. I’d love to make videos for our music so we can clarify our messages in more platforms.

Wado - For six months all the rapper with over five million streams on Spotify will wear an iced out Crow chain. Imagine yourself the curiosity all over the world!

Tell us about your future, what’s next?

grantWill - Man everything is top secret! Haha no not really… Just keep on making more music, staying creative.

Wado - Right now we have all our track on SoundCloud, and there’s a lot of them. We regularly clear our account from tracks that necessarily don’t reach our standards, and there’s still plenty of them. So yeah, that’s one sign telling us we’re pretty productive!

MXL - It’s dope that our activity has mainly been on SoundCloud, but we are going to spread to all the big music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. What we deliver will take another step up with the big boys, new platform, new game. Underground is what we are right now. People know who we are, but the next step is to build Crow Gang in the public eye.

“Right now Crowgang is a rap crew from Gothenburg and it will always be like that, written in stone. We have a bigger concept vision with this. Crow Gang equals "CReating Our Will". Slowly but surely we want to develop this into a collective, a collective of creative minds pushing their passions further. We want to cooperate with painters, dancers, music producers, photographers, videographers, fashion designers, generally people we get along with who create stuff that goes hand in hand with our cultural move.”


- Make sure to check out their music immediately!



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