Charging the streets: The creation of "Fast Lane"

The vision and the bold attitude within this underground community is really what sparked the idea behind "Fast Lane". The creation is not a shoutout to the outlaws or an attempt to raise the greed of street racing, rather a production showcasing the art form and mindset that prevail in these communities.

"Street racing has been going on since the second car was dropped of the assembly line"​

- This clearly entitles something, right?

Yes, since the first human placed foot on the gas paddle things just took off, people got the need for speed, which evolved into something much greater. A day at the drag strip is not really friendly for the wallet, and due to lack of societal engagement people started to take advantage of open, uncrowded roads and industrial complexes.

From an outside perspective it's just a foolish thing to put your life at risk and spend an unnecessary amount of cash on a car when we have the Toyota Prius on the market, but the soulful determination is what shines through. Bigger engines, the painting, choosing the right color combinations, picking the rims and on it goes. It's an endless process but definitely not a burden to bear. No one can do everything but everyone can do something, the phrase "power of unity" perfectly fit here, some are more engaged to the game than others, but everyone is a piece of the puzzle shaping this community.

The capsule collection contains four products. The inspiration is found within the post race scene where the fluorescent color schemes from the street racing culture had a major impact on the design and look of the garments.

The "Slipstream" hoodie. The graphic is a classic old school car where simplicity is lucid. The twisted color wave around the car is a symbol of city lights and speed.

The "Driver" turtleneck is a standout piece. It has a central "XLNC" chest embroidery alternating the two main colors of the collection.

The raised collar symbolizes that of a Nascar driver's suit.

Dad hats have been a huge part of XLNC GOTHENBURG and we just won't let it go.

The 3rd piece of the collection is the black "Speed" dad hat. The embroidery speaks for itself. The color combination and the lines sewn outside the font is a symbol of speed and rebellion. (The same embroidery is found on the turtleneck)

The "Checker logo" t-shirt summons it all. A combination of loud yellow and a checker pattern is the perfect link to the cultural move where speed is a main topic. The checker logo symbolizes the beginning and end of a creation.

Details and new perspectives matter. That is exactly why creative mindsets shine to us, and we want to spread the message forward.

- Use what you have to create what you want.

Photos by: Jamir Currusa



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