"Life is too short..."

"Life is too short..." We've all heard it, I bet you've heard it several times. The question is, is life really too short? The society is moving so fast that it's hard to catch up with everything around us. Whether it's about watching the new episode of your favorite TV-show, hanging out with your besties, visiting relatives or sending in that application for the job you saw in your local newspaper's employment section. Take a moment to think about your life, are you happy with your daily basis? If you are, that's great for you. But if you're standing on the other side, it's not just as great. As a human being we like to fit in, we like to satisfy ourselves, others and we like to find the easiest way of doing things. These are some very useful capabilities we have. But sometimes we're simply standing in the way of ourselves, commonly by making excuses, to avoid leaving our comfort zone. In the end it's always up to ourselves to take responsibility of the things we want to do in life. So, is life is too short? That question will be left hanging and all yours to answer. But get the facts straight. Time is something we all have, and it's your duty to go after your dreams. (No matter how cheesy it sounds) Use what you have to create what you want.

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